Makers & Manufacturers

A new generation of people are making things using digital tools and new manufacturing methods. This is called the Maker Movement and it is resulting in real innovations and real companies with a need for manufacturing. We want to help these Makers manufacture in America. Established American manufacturing companies are also increasingly moving towards digital manufacturing and need workers with advanced skills.

America needs workers skilled in digital manufacturing. That’s why we created the MAKERSHiP Project!

The MAKERSHiP Project

The MAKERSHiP Project is a is a training program for digital manufacturing where participants can develop a portfolio of work and access job placement opportunities.

We are working with manufacturers and start-up companies to create a program that trains workers with the skills needed to fill their job openings. With organized labor as a training partner, we have the ability and expertise necessary to train people in a wide range of manufacturing skills. We are working to develop industry-recognized skill certifications that will recognize the talents you develop in the MAKERSHiP.

Training begins with membership and a series of classes at TechShop Pittsburgh – a makerspace that offers rapid-training classes and professional-grade equipment, including tools, machinery, and software in a collaborative workspace. TechShop training classes are quick (2-4 hours,) with an emphasis on hands-on learning.


The MAKERSHiP enrolls new applicants monthly and is free for those who qualify. Participants must be unemployed or dislocated to qualify.

Ready? It starts with an assessment of your skills and interests – Apply. Your training begins with a series of classes at TechShop Pittsburgh. The next step can be additional classes at TechShop Pittsburgh, in-depth training with a manufacturer or modified apprenticeship training, or placement with an employer.


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