MAKERSHiP Profile: Robert

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Robert Dean

Robert was recently accepted into an apprenticeship program with a carpenters’ union. Congratulations Robert!

What brought you to the MAKERSHiP Project?

I read about the MAKERSHiP Project on Reddit. It was the possibility of learning 3D printing that caught my eye! I had been working in the mortgage industry and when I got laid off I immediately signed up for the MAKERSHiP Project. It is always hard to lose your job, but it was also a good chance for me to try something completely different.

What have you been doing during your MAKERSHiP training?

I’ve taken classes in Arduino, screen printing, soldering and electronics, and of course, every wood course available. I’ve made a couple soldering projects to practice what I learned in class, like changing LED colors. I haven’t made any large scale projects, mostly I’ve been trying to practice the techniques I’ve been learning.

You were recently accepted into an apprenticeship program. Tell us about it.

I was accepted into the Carpenters’ Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee of Greater Pittsburgh’s apprenticeship program. I applied for this apprenticeship and took the test before I entered the MAKERSHiP Project. It is a long application process, but I think having the time to practice on the tools at TechShop really helped me. I also met with Tony and Eric to prep for the interview for acceptance into the apprenticeship program. That was a big help because I came from a very corporate environment and I didn’t know what to expect. Their guidance helped me to do well in my interview.

I start my apprenticeship next week. I have always wanted to learn carpentry and I hope to make custom furniture and cabinets someday.

The MAKERSHiP Project – Next-Gen Apprenticeship for Digital Making

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