Startup Profile: SolePower

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The New App for Making It In America and The MAKERSHiP Project are working with many startups as part of our goal to support innovative domestic manufacturing. A MAKERSHiP participant is currently working with them!

Learn more about the exciting Pittsburgh startup SolePower below in our interview with Co-founder and CEO Matt Stanton.

Tell us about your company and what it makes?

SolePower has created a power-generating shoe insole that allows user to charge their mobile devices on-the-go.

What stage of development is your company in?

SolePower is an early stage startup that is in the final stages of prototyping its new product.

How has your company been working with the New App for Making It In America/ the MAKERSHiP Project?

The App for Making It In America/ the MAKERSHiP Project has provided SolePower with a machinist to help expedite the prototyping process.

What kind of employees does your company need and what skills are required?

SolePower is looking for Mechanical Engineers and experienced Electrical Engineers at this time

What are some of the biggest challenges your startup company is facing right now?

SolePower still faces some minor technological hurdles. However, the biggest challenges faced by SolePower are finding retailers to carry its product, creating an effective marketing campaign, and setting up an efficient manufacturing and supply chain.

What kind of support would be most helpful to your company?

SolePower needs support to find the best manufacturing techniques for reducing the price of the product and setting up an effective supply chain.

What local resources do you use?

SolePower is involved with Innovation Works, AlphaLab, Project Olympus and has offices located in a KID zone. SolePower has tried to be very active in finding resources around Pittsburgh that can accelerate its growth as a company.

What advice would you give to a new startup manufacturing company?

Establish production time lines early; identifying bottlenecks in your production and items with long lead times early will help keep the manufacturing on track.


Visit the SolePower website to learn more!

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