Weekly Project Idea: Wood iPhone Case

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What can you do with Adobe Illustrator, VCarve, and a ShopBot/CNC router?

You could make a wood iPhone case! You can find complete project directions here on Instructables. And why not use the laser cutter to add a design to your case?

Here are the TechShop classes you need to make this project.


COM201: Adobe Illustrator for CNC

Tuesday, 2/4/14          6:00 pm   3.0 hours

Thursday, 2/13/14      6:00 pm   3.0 hours


CNC201: CAD/CAM Software – VCarve Pro and Cut3D

Thursday, 2/6/14       6:00 pm   3.0 hours

Saturday, 2/15/14      10:00 am   3.0 hours

Thursday, 2/20/14     6:00 pm    3.0 hours


CNC302: CNC ShopBot SBU – Level 3

*This is a Level 3 Safety and Basic Use (SBU) class,  where you will learn to translate what you designed in 2D or 3D CAD software into physical reality using a CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) ShopBot router. Previous CAD classes or experience is recommended.

Saturday, 2/8/14      12:00 pm   3.0 hours

Tuesday, 2/11          3:00 pm    3.0 hours


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