Scrap Metal to Nature-Inspired Pot Rack

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MAKERSHiP participant Jaison turned a scrap piece of black pipe into a beautiful and functional pot rack for his home.

metal pot rack

metal pot rack 2


Read how Jaison constructed this piece:

I started with a scrap piece of 1/2″ black pipe that was about 5′ long. Using my anvil and some brutishness, I managed to bend the pipe into a rough semicircle that fit the width dimensions of the space. I then intentionally kinked and bent the pipe in a few other directions to give it a more fluid, tree like appearance. Then I trimmed the ends of the pipe so that it still fit the width dimensions but also the extruded length.

The following day I took the main piece and the cutoffs to TechShop where I scrounged a few other scraps and welded them on to add to the tree branch appearance. Using the MIG welder I sculpted a bark like appearance onto the whole of the piece. I then took the lazy route and used the plasma cutter to cut out some leaf shapes. I then welded those to the “branches” that I had coming off the main trunk. I used the leaves as the secondary anchor points into the ceiling.

Skills used: MIG Welding and plasma cutting.

Upcoming classes at TechShop Pittsburgh

MIG Welding SBU

Thursday, 1/9/14, 6:30 pm 2.0 hours

Monday 1/20/14, 6:30 pm 2.0 hours

Classes are free for MAKERSHiP participants. Contact the MakerChief to sign up for classes.


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