New Tech Commercialization Project Opportunity Offered by CMU

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Have you ever wondered how the market for your emerging technology might be influenced by public policies?

CMU’s Spring 2014 Project Course Sponsorship Opportunity could help!

Carnegie Mellon University is offering the opportunity to host a project with graduate students to help answer these important questions. Most of the students who will work on these projects are graduate students at the master’s and PhD level in engineering. Additional graduate students from CMU’s public policy and business schools, as well as University of Pittsburgh Law students may also work on your project.

Cost of this program?

The fee for this course project is waived for first-time sponsors who sign up by January 10, 2014. There is an expectation that your staff will be responsive to student questions and willing to work with the students. Sponsors must attend the final presentation either in person or virtually. Students should be reimbursed (via CMU) for expenses such as travel to your offices, photocopying, etc.

What do participants get?

A written report and power point presentation that includes a structured analysis responding to your unstructured question(s). This typically includes:

  • technology overview
  • identification of non-market challenges and opportunities
  • policy content and issues
  • likely outcomes
  • identification of key allies and adversaries
  • strategy to respond to identified issues.

You also get to work with a group of highly educated and innovative graduate students!

How to apply or get more information

Review the Brochure- CMU New Tech Commercialization Policy Strategy Project Sponsor Brochure 12-18-2013

Please contact Dr. Deborah Stine, Professor of the Practice, Engineering and Public Policy Department, CMU at to request an application form or for more information.

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