Apprenticeships as Pathway to Good Jobs

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Apprenticeships are making a comeback! Check out “Where Factory Apprenticeship is Latest Model From Germany” from the New York Times to see how apprenticeship programs in South Carolina are helping young workers gain skills for work in manufacturing. Our project is different because we work with unions and benefit from their training and industry expertise.

The MAKERSHiP Project™is a combination of internship and apprenticeship that teaches digital manufacturing skills and provides opportunities for on-the-job training and employment. The news is filled with stories about the manufacturing skills gap: employers want to hire but can’t find skilled manufacturing workers. The MAKERSHiP is trying to change that by working with startup and mature manufacturing companies who want to hire new workers. Our system is tuned in to what employers want and can deliver skilled workers. The MAKERSHiP Project™ gives unemployed and underemployed workers access to free training and employment opportunities.

Funded by a Department of Labor Workforce Innovation Fund grant, the MAKERSHiP Project™ is free to participants who are unemployed or underemployed. MAKERSHiP training begins with classes at TechShop Pittsburgh, which is located in the Bakery Square development in East Liberty. If you are ready to train for a new career please apply for the MAKERSHiP Project™ at

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