What will you make?

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MAKERSHiP Participant working on the laser cutter.

The MAKERSHiP Project is all about hands-on learning. Projects are how you practice what you learn in your classes at TechShop while showcasing your own abilities and creativity. We are developing group projects where you can collaborate with other artists, makers, and MAKERSHiP participants. Watch out for the opportunity to participate in a design and prototyping meet up at TechShop Pittsburgh as the group project gets underway.

But what about your own projects? Let’s talk about where to find inspiration and materials for your own projects.

Find a Project

Once you have taken a couple classes at TechShop, the next step is making a project. But what to make?

Sometimes deciding on a project can be the hardest part.  We created a Pinterest board filled with MAKERSHiP project ideas. Looking at these projects should be enough to inspire you and get you ready to MAKE!

Still not inspired? Look at what’s going on around you in the shop. Don’t be afraid to ask people what they are working on. The people here at TechShop are a resource as well and most are glad to offer advice or suggestions. Of course, only ask someone for advice when it’s safe to do so and never interrupt someone who is working on a machine.


The MAKERSHiP can help you find materials for your projects. Meet with Tony and bring your ideas to see how we can help. One of your biggest resources are the free bins available around the shop, but don’t forget to take advantage of two incredible organizations located right down the road from TechShop Pittsburgh.

The Center for Creative Reuse Shop is a place where you can purchase materials for creative projects. You never know what you will find at the Center for Creative Reuse but it will be original and affordable!

Around the corner from the Center for Creative Reuse is Construction Junction, Pittsburgh’s first non-profit building material reuse retailer. You can find furniture, doors, windows, cabinets, tiles, lighting, and much more. Check out the Construction Junction website for photos of recent arrivals to get an idea of what you can find.

Online Resources for Project Ideas

If you find a good online resource let us know in a comment. And don’t forget to take pictures of your projects along the way so we can share your work on the site!

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